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Ultrasonic Mixer
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Автор:  zhebaby0812 [ 02 апр 2019, 12:00 ]
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The Power of Ultrasonic Mixing
high power ultrasound waves introduced into the liquid medium result in cavitation.
Cavitational shear forces are very effective to disperse and emulsify. The fine size distribution, which is achieved by powerful ultrasonic mixing, can be precisely controlled so that micron- and nano-sized particles or droplets are easily created. The size of the scavenger particles and their even distribution lead to a high particles surface, which means a highly active surface area to bond the impurities in order to remove them from the reaction mixture.
Ultrasonic Mixer are frequently used in
chemistry: In solution phase combinatorial chemistry, scavengers are frequently used to remove un-consumed excess reagents and/or spent reagents.
biology and bio-tech: nano particles as radical scavenger to prevent tissue against damage.
Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Frequency 20Khz
Amplitude/power adjustment range 50-100% 20-100%
Temperature <100℃
Volume of reactor 5-100L
Standard Spec Ultrasonic device + Digital Generator
Optional configuration Stainless steel reactor, Remote communication interface, flow meter, pump, mechanical mixer

Application of Ultrasonic Sonochemistry Mixing:
3000w 20khz ultrasonic mixing machine for sonochemistry
• Cell disruption • Pharmacy sample prep • Homogenization • Emulsification • Nanoparticle dispersion • Atomization • Graphene dispersion • Biodiesel making; • Liquidation, • Crystallization, • Extraction, • Wastewater treatment, • Accelerated reaction, • kill microbes(cell disruption). Ultrasonic Mixer

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