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Cope with the change of Appetite while treating breast cancer

While you are being treated for breast cancer Perhaps there will be a change in your diet, it means appetite. And eating tastes that may change Let's see how How will my appetite while treating breast cancer change? So how do you cope with this change?

Why does my appetite while treating breast cancer change?
You cannot know in advance what cancer treatment is. Will affect Appetite How do you You may be able to enjoy food and eat more food before the treatment. Or you may not feel like eating anything. Because of the change in taste and smell

Here are some treatments that can affect your diet.

- surgery after surgery You may feel too tired to eat anything.
- Various drugs used in the chemotherapy process Either adriamycin, cytoxan, dooxil, or metrotexate. (Methotrexate) can affect your appetite. By the nature of the effects of that chemotherapy It depends on how you received your medication. And what kind of medicine you are getting
- radiation therapy
- use of hormone therapy

Keep your body in mind You should know what your body needs. And find ways to cope with that eating problem Be sure to let your doctor or nutritionist know about your symptoms. And try not to starve too often Because you may be deficient in energy and nutrients

Ways to deal with problems
Don't let a change in your appetite. Can make you weak Let's look at a few ways to deal with it.


You may not feel like eating anything during the treatment. Causing the body to lack energy and nutrients Therefore may affect your body Not strong enough to fight cancer Or other side effects, but you can try these methods to increase your appetite.

- Divide 5 to 6 smaller meals a day so you don't feel too full. And still get all the nutrients it needs
- Eat snacks such as cookies, crackers or fruits. All day long as needed
- Do not drink water while eating. Because it will make you full faster and eat less food
- Exercise: Being physically active makes you stronger. And feel hungry faster than usual
- Eating fun, such as sharing meals with loved ones, playing music, watching TV during meals can help.
- Eat the food you like Whenever you want
- Try eating something cool, like yogurt, which is both healthy and delicious.
- Try eating something new, for example, try eating healthy food that you've never eaten before. Maybe you will like it.

A craving to eat more food than usual

You may feel more craving for food than usual. Which may have a negative effect Because it makes you gain weight uncontrollably, so you should choose a healthy diet.

- Choose to eat foods that are nutritious. You should eat foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Which is a source of useful nutrients Both vitamins and minerals Eating fruit before a meal will reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal.

- Drink more water During the day, you should drink more water than before. Especially when you start to feel hungry.

Always carry low calorie foods such as fruit, dried fruit, crackers, or fruit tea with you so that you can eat up when you're craving.

Changes in appetite to the lack of appetite at all. Can become a big problem If you don't manage it well enough, however, you can take a few simple steps. These are used in managing a healthy eating plan. To help make your body strong enough to fight cancer better.

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