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 Заголовок сообщения: Watch Boston Dynamics robots dance with 'Do you love me?'
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Boston Dynamics' robots are back to let you know they can really shake them up.In a breathtaking dance video as part of a celebration of incredible engineering achievements and robot parts commercials, Boston Dynamics show four robots that perform choreographed dances. Full of music Do you love me? By The Contours.MIT Spinoff sells lifelike robots to warehouses, police utilities, laboratories and factories to run better and safer than humans can.To show how far robotics' skills have come, Boston Dynamics on Tuesday had the robots perform some seriously complex mashed potato twists and choreographies - part impressive and part creepy.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and acclaimed artificial intelligence, noted, "This is not CGI," although the impressive show is beyond belief.Boston Dynamics has yet to achieve the slotxo business success some robot champions have come to expect or hope for.The company has only a few customers list and three different owners over the past three years: Google (GOOGL). Purchased in 2013, then sold to Softbank in 2017, before Hyundai bought it earlier this year.The company began selling Spot robotic dogs to businesses in the United States in June for $ 74,500 each.Spot, which is featured in the video with the more humanoid Atlas-like robot and the wheeled Handle Robot, is Boston Dynamics' most famous product.

The four-legged robot has caught the attention of the task it can do, including running. Climbing stairs and even reminding people to practice Covid-19 social isolation are generally used for inspections on construction sites or similar situations.But Atlas stole the show in the video. "Do you love me?" Last year, Boston Dynamics showed Atlas some parkour techniques that included somersault, aerial flips, and 360-degree spinning jumps. How far have you come in a year?The Atlas is a convincing dancer, with fast jumps and rhythmic high-leg kicks.

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