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 Заголовок сообщения: Staying up late isn't just overweight. But it still has more
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Besides eating habits that are high in slotxo calories, it can easily cause belly or belly fat, did you know that the habit of sleeping late can also be a silent cause that can lead to belly fat as well? It also caused the shape to collapse as well. Do you want to know why staying up late has such an impact? And what other impacts are there? Today we have the answer to each other.

1. The metabolism deteriorates.

The metabolic system is An important part of the body's ability to digest food efficiently. The ability to digest can vary depending on a person's age, weight, sex and sleeping behavior. Lack of sleep or low sleep will lead to a decrease in the metabolic system. That the body should do well during sleep. So it comes heavy during the day or while we work instead. Until he realized that he was hungry for more and that the belly that he had was not going down at all

2. No energy during the day.

As soon as we lose sleep even one day or several days in a row. You can notice that your body is not refreshed. Not energetic Or ready to use as it should be The more people who enjoy exercising, your body will ache all over it. Feeling tired And do not want to exercise in the next days, so the belly that you have will remain Even if you try to keep exercising

3. Difficulty controlling emotions

As soon as we lack or sleep less, the ability to control emotions. Your will be greatly reduced, drowsy all day, feeling easily upset. Or do not have the mind to control the food as intended Therefore, when it is difficult to control emotions, it becomes a person who eats little.

4. Little sleep makes it easy to get hungry.

Every time we sleep late or not get enough rest. Do you feel that we are always hungry? Want to eat over there And increased appetite Because the hormone ghrelin and leptin that act to control hunger. Still working during the time we slept late or didn't get enough sleep the night before.

5. Recurrent obesity

Staying up late is a common risk factor for obesity, resulting in an increase in BMI or body mass index. Which obesity itself directly affects your belly that is noticeably larger

Believe that today there are young men Few people can go to bed from 8pm every day. But if possible It is recommended that you get enough sleep. That's it, you can be sure that your belly will collapse. It is also suitable for people who are losing weight. This will help you to control your weight better. The digestive system works better. And make other systems Followed by complete strength

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Staying up late isn't just overweight. But it still has
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On Wednesday (9 Dec) UK Sky News TV Report that the country's medical regulators recommend People with a history of severe allergic reaction to drugs, food or vaccines. Vaccination against Pfizer / Biotech Corona Virus (COVID-19) should not be vaccinated. (Pfizer / BioNTech) which is currently in use in the country.
COVID-19 vaccine Developed by Biotech German company and Pfizer, an superslot American partner. It was approved for use in the UK and began injections to the public on Tuesday (8 Dec).
Sky News states that the United Kingdom's Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Warning notice about COVID-19 vaccine Two National Health Service (NHS) officials showed post-vaccination allergies on Tuesday, both with a history of severe allergies that they had to carry adrenaline. Currently in recovery
Dr. June Rain, Chief Executive of the Office Told the Parliamentary Committee of the United Kingdom that the Office Investigating the case already.

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