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 Заголовок сообщения: cience circles shaken as researchers cultivate human cells i
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Science circles shaken as slotxo researchers cultivate human cells in monkey embryos.
This experiment sparked an ethical debate among scientists.
A team of US-Chinese researchers cultivates a human cell monkey embryo in a laboratory. The scientists injected human stem cells, which are cells capable of developing into different tissues. Of the body into the monkey larvae, then study the developing embryo for up to 20 days

A team of scientists was led by Prof. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte from the Salk Institute in the United States, where in 2017 he helped create the first human-pig hybrid. And his team members were also the first to be able to grow monkey embryos in a nursery dish for up to 20 days after fertilization in 2019.

Prof Belmonte said their work could pave the way for solving a serious shortage of transplant organs for humans. It also helps us to understand more about early human development, disease development. And aging

The study, published April 15 in the journal Cell, in which Prof. Bel Monte insists it adheres to current ethical and legal guidelines and explains how these studies were performed to understand and improve human health.

But the news has created a strong debate over the ethics of science online. Nature points out that the latest reduction has caused divisions among developmental biologists. Some have questioned the need for experiments using primates (monkeys) that are closely related to humans. These animals should not be used as simulated / laboratory animals as rats and rodents. In addition, non-human mammals are protected by stricter research ethical rules than rodents. And they worry that the work is likely to fuel public resistance.

The BBC interviewed Dr. Annas Mascor, course lecturer and biomedical ethics researcher at Norwich Medical School, where Dr Smajjorn was a major ethical and legal challenge. Because we are unable to perform certain types of experiments in humans. And it is not clear whether these embryos are considered human or not.

Christine Mathews, science and technology at the Baker Institute, told NPR the public would be concerned, and so did she. Because we're just looking to push science forward. Without discussing what should and should not do

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: cience circles shaken as researchers cultivate human cel
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On Wednesday (9 Dec) UK Sky News TV Report that the country's medical regulators recommend People with a history of severe allergic reaction to drugs, food or vaccines. Vaccination against Pfizer / Biotech Corona Virus (COVID-19) should not be vaccinated. (Pfizer / BioNTech) which is currently in use in the country.
COVID-19 vaccine Developed by Biotech German company and Pfizer, an superslot American partner. It was approved for use in the UK and began injections to the public on Tuesday (8 Dec).
Sky News states that the United Kingdom's Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Warning notice about COVID-19 vaccine Two National Health Service (NHS) officials showed post-vaccination allergies on Tuesday, both with a history of severe allergies that they had to carry adrenaline. Currently in recovery
Dr. June Rain, Chief Executive of the Office Told the Parliamentary Committee of the United Kingdom that the Office Investigating the case already.

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