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 Заголовок сообщения: Incredible magnets can unlock immense power.
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Dr. Greg Rittles' eyes sparkled with excitement as he described a project he was working on.It is really every engineer's dream to have a technically challenging project that requires you to develop new technologies and solutions to difficult problems. But that's important for the world as well.Since completing his research at Oxford University five years ago, he has worked for Tokamak Energy, a UK start-up with plans to build fusion reactors.Fusion is the reaction that drives the sun and stars. If such power could be harnessed on Earth, it would be an abundant source of energy from little fuel and not producing carbon dioxide. What should not be loved?The principles are simple enough to understand. Take two hydrogen atoms, add enough heat and pressure, and they'll fuse together to form helium. During that process, some hydrogen mass is converted into heat, which you can use to generate electricity.

The catch is to make fusion happen here on slotxo เวอร์ชั่นล่าสุด Earth, you have to heat the hydrogen isotopes to hundreds of millions of degrees until they are so powerful that they break up into a swirling matter known as plasma.The challenge has always been packing that plasma. The stars are made by gravity. But on Earth, the most common method is to use a powerful magnetic field to trap the plasma.Most of the engineering challenges arise with magnetization. They must be powerful enough to contain a mass of matter that is extremely hot and swirling like crazy. But don't use so much electricity that your reactor uses more energy than it creates.Later this year, Dr Bob Mumgaard and his team at Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) will be testing advanced magnets that they say can take the leap forward.The D-shaped magnet weighs 10 tons and is large enough for a person to pass. About 300 km of special electromagnetic tape is wrapped in a D shape.

The tape is the work of engineering that took decades to develop. A thin layer of rare barium copper oxide (ReBCO) superconductors is superimposed onto metal tape. When the heat is cooled, the tape can conduct electricity very efficiently, which is essential since 40,000 amps will flow through enough electricity to power a small town.When the fusion industry says it cools it means the tape has been cooled to minus 253C, which may sound incredible to you. But in the material world, superconductivity is quite warm.It means the refrigerator we use is like a refrigerator that fits right in your kitchen," said Dr. Mamard, CFS co-founder and chief executive.As with previous technologies there must be a refrigerator that is the size of your home.The CFS is planning a reactor that will contain 18 magnets in a ring known as the Tokamak and recently selected a site for the Massachusetts reactor.We were the first to actually get this magnet in addition to the research and development desk. [Research and Development] the size that people have done in some small companies and some national laboratories.

Now we are all at a level where it is what you need to build a fusion machine, you don't have to go from something the size of a toy to something on the scale of a fusion," said Dr. Fuso. Mambard said.The leap in magnetic technology is also at the heart of a fusion project at Tokamak Energy in the UK.Dr Brittles has spent the past five years developing the technology and is helping to build a demonstration that will have a series of powerful magnets working together.It would be the confluence of a large number of coils generating forces that interact and pull with each other to form a balanced set. This must be regulated, otherwise the forces may become unbalanced.The force that such a magnetic field can generate is incredible. At full force, Dr Brittles compares his magnetic force to double the pressure at the bottom of the deepest ocean trench.When the magnets are ready, they enter the spherical Tokamak, an apple-shaped fusion reactor.The research suggests that such designs generate more power for each power unit used than the more commonly used donut-shaped tokamaks, the one used by CFS and others.

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