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 Заголовок сообщения: Dangers of "red cap cream" risk of skin disease - life threa
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Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dermatology warns of the dangers of red cap cream. It's a non-standard cream. Cause long term skin disease symptoms And life-threatening Ready to introduce people, healthy skin does not need to be white
Dr. Somsak Akasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that from the online world there is a danger of warning, illegal cream, known as "red cap cream", which is a red cap jar. Thick yellow meat The jar itself has no brand or any label, it is gaining popularity with teenagers on Tiktok app, with the claim that it has been used to whiten skin in 3-7 days, asking people to be careful of the dangers of using such creams. Because it causes long-term skin disease symptoms And life-threatening
Female Dr. Minkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Affairs added that The red cap cream is a cream containing harmful substances that are prohibited in cosmetics. Initially it was found that there are four main ingredients: mercury, hydroquinone, vitamin A acid and steroid. Will result in the following side effects

Mercury is toxic to the skin, nervous system, liver, kidneys, blood system and if used during pregnancy. Mercury poisoning is absorbed into the baby. And there is a risk of causing cerebral palsy and mental retardation.
Hydroquinone causes red, itchy skin, itchy skin, white spots, and speckled skin. superslot And a bulge on the skin
Vitamin A acids cause dry, flaky skin, itching, redness, itching, inflamed skin, sensitive to the sun, redness and burning in the sun More stimulating acne Uneven skin tone And may cause drug allergies
Steroids cause skin stretching. Thin skin, easily irritated, increased hair and acne breakouts
The side effects that occur are both short-term and long-term. Which some long-term side effects cannot be treated back as before Please people to be careful with the use of chemicals. Or creams that make various white skin Be sure to be safe It does not cause side effects in the long run. Mainly, people want people to change their thinking, "must be white to be beautiful. All skin colors are beautiful. Just ask for a healthy skin. Do not need to be white ”and be aware of advertising media I emphasize that there is no substance that makes the skin white in 3-7 days safely without side effects.
Director of the Institute of Dermatology Provide additional information that Institute of Dermatology has a project to detect dangerous substances in cosmetics. Can send cream Or cosmetics used to test safety Contains harmful substances or not At the Dermatology Institute 420/7, Ratchawithi Road, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok 10400, free of charge. Not more than 1 week for the health of the public.

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