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You know? What should I eat and which should I not eat?
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Автор:  pippy [ 03 май 2021, 13:20 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  You know? What should I eat and which should I not eat?

Diarrhea often occurs after eating spicy food or eating food contaminated with germs, this is because the intestines become inflamed. Until working variance Causing frequent defecation If diarrhea can go away on its own in 1 day, it is not dangerous. But if used for several days, it can lead to severe dehydration. By food to cure diarrhea If the symptoms are mild, they are as follows

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1.Eat foods that are easy to digest
Types of starch or rice as the main ingredient, such as porridge, porridge, and should be broken down into several meals, eating gradually, gradually adjusting the work of the stomach and intestines gradually to help the stomach or intestines do not have to work as hard. And avoid heavy food that takes a long time to digest, such as Meat or other greasy stuff

2. Coconut water
Coconut water is rich in mineral salts that are useful for people with diarrhea. Drink as a replacement Helps reduce fatigue and will help refresh

3. Drink warm ginger juice.
It is because ginger has properties that help reduce inflammation. Irritation in the intestines can be reduced. Therefore, it helps to reduce diarrhea symptoms by itself.

4. Avoid high fiber foods.

It is foods that are high in fiber, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. These must be discontinued immediately if there is diarrhea. Because in normal times, dietary fiber will help the digestive system work better already. If you eat at the time of diarrhea, it will accelerate the occurrence of gas in the stomach. Causing more frequent bowel movements

5. Do not drink milk.
This is because milk contains lactose, which the body normally does not have digestive juices. When drinking milk Milk is digested by intestinal microorganisms to form acid and gas. The more you drink while diarrhea, the more severe the burden on your stomach and intestines can lead to more severe bowel movements.

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