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 Заголовок сообщения: What are the symptoms after recovering from COVID 19?
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The recovered COVID-19 patient returned home no infection was detected in his body. But the abnormal symptoms may still remain visible It is not that COVID is recovered and health will return to normal as it used to. Research found in many countries shows that approximately 30% of all cured COVID cases are cured. May encounter health problems Or the residual symptoms after the symptoms of COVID are known as Long Covid as follows:

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Symptoms after recovering from COVID 19 that can have long-term effects
What's up
Of course, after curing from COVID-19, the body was still not very healthy. But in addition to the normal exhaustion Also may find this abnormality as well

1. Aching pain, headache, fatigue lasting 2-6 months.
Joint pain, joint pain, headache, fatigue, fatigue, similar to symptoms after general illness. It is a symptom that most patients experience after a cure from COVID 19, which can last for 2-6 months.

2. I can't smell, my tongue doesn't taste.
It is not only during COVID-19 that they experience an odorless nose. The tongue does not taste Yet a survey by the Danish and Pharaoh Islands researchers found that 53.1% of COVID patients were not hospitalized. Odor and taste symptoms persist for more than four months since the onset of COVID-19, a survey from Japan's National Center for Health and Medicine The symptoms were also found in some of the patients recovering from COVID 19.

3. Breathlessness, difficulty breathing
One of the symptoms of COVID 19 that may remain after the illness has been cured is dyspnea. According to surveys of many countries, there are quite a lot of cases like this. And also cannot predict how long this symptom will last The cause is because the lungs are not able to receive the same amount of oxygen. Cause shortness of breath And feel tired more easily The kind that doing some activity that was normally done After getting sick, it may not be able to do the same, such as not exercising fully. Or just walk - it's already tired for a while

4. Damaged Lungs
May be found in severe patients who are late in the treatment Resulting in the virus infecting the lungs Causing some lung tissue damage or permanent damage Whether the symptoms are severe or not depends on how much the pneumonia has gone. And can it be restored or not?

5. Erectile dysfunction
Emmanuele A. Jannini, professor of endocrinology and sex medicine at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, found that COVID 19 and erectile dysfunction are related. Male patients with COVID-19 were 5.66 times more likely to be at risk of erectile dysfunction than men without COVID. Additionally, men with erectile dysfunction were five times more at risk of contracting COVID.

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