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Canonically. It a major positive."All teams rely upon their decisive players, their MVPs. One day you going to go to a music festival and rent an RV, stock your fridge, sleep with A/C, get backstage passes, and laugh at how many dirty, smelly, haggard people come staggering out of their sweltering tents, beg to use your water, and the best stories they have is throwing up on each other.

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But if you allow individual defensive players, suddenly there is a lot more selection.I emailed you at one point about getting another API key to run a free fantasy game, but never heard back. Unused buildings will be put to use in place of expensive leases, and free space will be made available to small business and entrepreneurs.

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I'm serious; there were white dots, hyperventilating, the whole nine yards. I agree with you that overhyping China has been a thing since like 2014 but that overhyping usually refers to them being at korea level which has shown to be not the case but undeniably they have edged out EU.

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